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New shiro blend available — limut shiro

As those of you who follow me on Instagram know, I have been to Ethiopia to visit family and to restock our pantry! — the first time since my grandmother and I launched Amaarech. The response has been amazing! It's been great to see so many of you using our blends and sharing your creations on social media. I want to give everyone who has supported our fledgling business a big thank you! A few of the early shipments were delayed, and some of you had to wait longer than expected for your spices to arrive. Some of this was no doubt due to the global Covid pandemic, but it's nonetheless regrettable. We've updated our shipping service so this will not happen again.

While I was in Ethiopia Amaarech and I worked on some of the spice blends that we'll be launching later this year. We'll be kicking off with a new shiro variety: Limut Shiro.

Limut translates to "plain." It means that the shiro flour does not contain berbere. It therefore has a light, off-white colour. Other than berbere, limut shiro is enriched with all the usual herbs and spices, including holy basil, rosemary, fenugreek, and ajowan. All our shiros are made with Ethiopian chickpeas, yellow peas, and fava beans, giving them a delicious creamy texture.

Limut shiro can be used to prepare shiro wot in the same way as our other shiro blend (also called mitten shiro). Please find two delicious shiro recipes in my ebook and a quick shiro recipe here. 

We're launching a new range of taste-boosting spice blends soon so stay tuned and follow @shopamaarech for the latest product updates. Thank you again for your continued support!



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