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Amaarech, she became beautiful!

Amaarech Spices

Ethiopian spice blends are hard to come by, and the ones available in the supermarket often lack depth. We deliver high-quality, hand-sourced spices directly to your home, getting you started on your own Ethiopian food journey. By buying Ethiopian products directly from the source, you’re helping to provide employment for women and youth in Ethiopia.

Behind the name

My grandmother's name is Amaarech, which means "she became beautiful" in Amharic. She has taught me everything I know about Ethiopian cooking. She is the matriarch of our family and the inspiration behind the spice line. For as long as I can remember, Amaarech has prepared the spices I use in my cooking. All the recipes here and ebooks are flavoured with her amazing blends.

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Our Process

Our spice blends come in small quantities and are sustainably produced. We use Amaarech's original recipes to come up with the blends you find on the webiste. All our products are blended in Ethiopia and shipped to the UK for distrubution. 

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