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Essential Spices to make Ethiopian Food! Welcoming the flavour bombs!

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

They're finally here! We've been working hard to deliver five new flavour bombs to you. We're glad to announce that we are now adding to our shop: Qibbeh Manteria, Mekelesha, Nech Qimmem, Tikur Qimmem, and Korerima. These blends are essential to Ethiopian cooking and you will find them in every Ethiopian pantry. Each has its own distinct profile and use.

What's great about these blends is that you can start using them immediately. Just add a pinch to your favourite Ethiopian dishes, and you will taste the difference immediately. For example, to make miser wot (lentil stew) you will need some Amaarech berbere. But to make your miser even more impressive, we recommend adding some mekelesha and tikur qimmem. Trust us, you won't go back.

All our spice blends follow Amaarech's original recipes and are exquisitely balanced. We only use the finest ingredients, which are sourced, washed, dried, roasted, and ground in Ethiopia.

This is a great way to expand your spice pantry. Of course, our blends work great in other cuisines as well. Try adding some mekelesha to your favourite tagine recipe, or add a sprinkle of nech qimmem to a vegetable toss. Go ahead and experiment! We hope you'll try these flavour bombs for yourself and let us know what you think.

Stay tuned and follow @shopamaarech for the latest product updates. Thank you again for your continued support!



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