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Ethiopian Clarified Butter

Prep Time:

15 Minutes

Cook Time:

45 Minutes


Yields 1.5 kg



About the Recipe

Nitter qibbeh is a spiced clarified butter traditionally made with cow’s milk, but you can also use non-dairy butter or oil. If you have been following us on intstagram (shopamaarech), you know that we recently launched five new absolute essential spice blends. One of which was our Qibbeh Manteria, a blend made from eight different spices and herbs all in ranging proportions and it is used to clarify and flavour butter or to make Ethiopian nitter qibbeh.

You can refrigerate or freeze the qibbeh 6 -12 month and the taste will get better (stronger) with time. Qibbeh can be added at the beginning or end of your cooking to enhance the flavours of any Ethiopian dish you make at home. I hope you can finally get to make and enjoy your own qibbeh at home!


  • 30 grams of Amaarech Qibbeh Manteria

  • 2.5 kg of butter of your choice


  • Place a pot over medium-low heat and add the butter and qibbeh manteria spice blend.

  • Stir well to combine and allow the butter to melt completely.

  • Once the butter starts to bubble, reduce the heat to low and simmer gently for at least one hour. Keep stirring to prevent burning, as burnt butter cannot be salvaged.

  • During simmering, the foam on top will gradually dissipate. Simmer until most of the foam has disappeared, indicating that the butter has separated from the solids.

  • Turn off the heat and let the butter cool for a few minutes.

  • Prepare a clear container and place a fine mesh cloth or cheesecloth over the opening.

  • Pour the clarified butter slowly into the container, allowing the cloth to strain out any remaining solids.

  • Allow the clarified butter to cool completely before transferring it to the refrigerator.

  • The clarified butter can be stored in the refrigerator for a few months. If desired, it can also be stored in the freezer for even longer. Note that it will solidify in both the fridge and freezer, so remember to remove it from the fridge well in advance if you want it at room temperature consistency.


This recipe is for a mildly flavoured qibbeh. If you are after a more intense experience, I would suggest adding more of our blend.

The 2.5 kg of butter yielded approximately 1.5 kg of qibbeh.

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