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Amaarech's New Products + 25% Discount!

Selam! At Amaarech, we bring you the authentic flavours of Ethiopia, carefully crafted with sustainably sourced ingredients. We're thrilled to introduce a new range of spice blends, flours, and kitchen accessories, designed to heighten your culinary experience. Plus, enjoy a special 25% discount in July (use code SUMMERSPICE25 at checkout) as our way of thanking you. Let's dive in and discover the treasures awaiting you!

Introducing Our New Spice Blends

Ethiopian Spiced Tea Blend: Soothe your senses with our unique blend inspired by traditional Ethiopian tea (shai). Infuse hot beverages, add it to desserts, or enhance your homemade shai for a delightful experience.

Ird: Experience the vibrant and earthy flavours of our Ethiopian turmeric blend. This golden-hued spice, combined with ginger and garlic, brings aromatic richness to lentil and vegetable dishes, making it a must-have in your spice collection.

Telba: Discover the versatility of telba, made of roasted Ethiopian flaxseed blended with holy basil, rue seeds, coriander seeds, bishop's weed, garlic, and ginger. It can be added to roasted vegetables and sauces or used as a topping on avocado toast or your favourite dips and spreads. Telba offers endless creative possibilities.

Introducing Besso – Roasted Barley Flour Blend

Besso is the breakfast of champions. In Ethiopia it is known as fuel for long-distance runners. It is the perfect base for a smoothie or post-workout shake. Blend it with your choice of milk, nut butter, and frozen banana for a nourishing and flavourful treat.

Exciting New Bundles

Qey Wot Bundle: Elevate your red stews with this bundle containing berbere, qibbeh manteria, tikur qimmem, and mekelesha. Whether you prefer plant-based or meat dishes, this bundle will unlock the perfect Ethiopian red stew.

Alecha Wot Bundle: Delight in the fragrant and aromatic flavors of Alecha Wot, a milder (yellow as opposed to red) Ethiopian stew. This bundle combines ird, nech qimmem, korerima, and qibbeh manteria – the essential spices for an authentic alecha stew.

Kitfo Bundle: Experience the rich flavours of Kitfo, the Ethiopian version of steak tartare. Our essential spice blends of mitmita, korerima, and qibbeh manteria allow you to make this dish at home or create a vegan version with minced tempeh or mushrooms.

Awaze Bundle: Enjoy the tangy and spicy flavours of Awaze, the famous Ethiopian red pepper paste. Awaze is extremely versatile. It can be used as a dip or a cooking base – for Ethiopian and non-Ethiopian dishes. This bundle contains berbere and mitmita, allowing you to create the perfect awaze at home (recipe here).

Awaze Tibs Bundle: Awaze Tibs is a traditional Ethiopian dish that typically consists of stir-fried meat. It is known for its rich flavours and delectable taste, which have contributed to its growing popularity worldwide. While traditionally prepared with meat, there are ways to make a fully plant-based version of Awaze Tibs without compromising on its distinctive flavour profile by utilising a combination of spice blends.

Discover Authentic Ethiopian Kitchen Accessories

Enhance your cooking experience with our handcrafted kitchen accessories, made from 100% handspun Ethiopian cotton. Sourced from small farms in the south of Ethiopia and woven by individual artisans, each piece embodies sustainability and beauty. Explore our collection of cotton kitchen towels, table runners, and lightweight aprons.

Visit our website and explore our full range of products. Use code SUMMERSPICE25 at checkout to enjoy a 25% discount throughout July.

We take pride in delivering high-quality, sustainable products right to your doorstep while ensuring fairness for all involved. Join us in embracing the vibrant flavours and rich cultural heritage of Ethiopia with Amaarech.

Warmest regards, The Amaarech Team

P.S. Find recipe ideas as well as a Food and Travel Guide to Addis Ababa on our blog. Happy cooking!

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