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Tibs Qimmem (Ethiopian Roasting Spice Blend) - Newest addition!

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

As those of you who follow @ethiopianfoodie on instagram know, I was in Ethiopia to visit family and restock our pantry! Amaarech and I also worked on an exciting new spice blend. We are calling it 'Tibs Qimmem.'

Tibs translates to "fry" or "roast" and Qimmem translates to "spice." As it mainly contains rosemary, it has a dark green colour. Other than rosemary, tibs qimmem is enriched with korerima (Ethiopian cardamom) and garlic. The blend can be used to flavour veggie, fish, or meat dishes. Our blend is particularly suited to enliven casseroles, oven roasts, and stir-fries. Use sparingly as it is highly fragrant!

Thanks again for the continued support! We have other exciting news coming your way so stay tuned and follow @shopamaarech and @ethiopianfoodie on Instagram for product updates, recipes, and stories.



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